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Additionally, the songs are pitched up, so the vocals all sound like chipmunks. Just adds to the weirdness.

I’m at a gay club where the DJ is mixing with music videos. It’s an interesting format, but I think it’s a bit weird to broadcast hetero-normative videos on the screens in a gay club.

Dally Rhythms will be happening today in about 45 minutes on Come hang out with me in the SDF com!

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If I pretend that it's my Birthday today. Do I get boosts?

🎂 🎺

I found a boiler room-esque youtube channel where they have DJs doing sets in a French Cafe. There’s some great stuff here

I’m having a rough week in IT. Things aren’t working how I want them to work. 🙁

Dally Rhythms is happening right now on, but there are tons of other shows that everyone should check out as well. The front page of includes the full calendar!

Tomorrow's will be focusing on a bunch of new deep house that I have acquired! Tune into at 18:00 UTC for chill, deep jams that still get you moving to the groove.

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Windows installing updates on a newly imaged, freshly patched machine.....

Kinda about US Politics 

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Oh yeah! Dally Rhythms is starting in 5 or so minutes. Did I prepare for it this week? You’ll have to tune in and listen and judge for yourself. Going live on

I don't really want to do the work today.
I don't really want to do the work.

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Making a consistent effort to be kind is one of the most radical things you can do on a daily basis.

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a friend and i just found out our campaign to keep amazon alexas from being deployed in public spaces on campus was successful 😎 Fuck Bezos Fuck Surveillance Capitalism Digital Socialism Forever 😎

Introduced my co-worker to Left/Right and he actually likes them. I’m always happy when that happens.

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We were meditating on the meaning of "Organized Chaos" on SDF COMMODE just a few minutes ago....

("Organized Chaos" with DJ G.Love @MG by the way is livestreaming right now on -- go ahead, tune in, and be amazed of how insanely organized this chaotic radio show is... LOL)

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