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Hot take: because #hashtags improve discoverability, their use is #gauche and #cringey on the grounds that wanting to be #noticed is an act of #wanton #desperation

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Since the topic of #censorship is going around again, it might be a good time to brush up on a PSA about how censorship and platforms work.

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Underground raving in McMillian Park this past Sunday to save the place. Cops came and kicked us out after 2 hours. 30 of us there strength in numbers #SaveMcMillian! #DC

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Stop using Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is moving to remove autonomy from Web users. Excuse me while I purge it from my machines. Please remember - it’s a “open source” “project” (commerically provided product) whose goal is to not to “affect our [Google’s] ability to customize ads and/or could block ads online, which would harm our business” (from their SEC 10-K filing).

Google Chrome is not built for people; it’s built for Google, by Google. You are their bank.

I was working on restoring my wife and my data yesterday, and decided to switch from Debian to Fedora. The backups were made while we were using a local instance of Nextcloud, but that didn’t end up working for us. I restored all of my wife’s data onto an external drive for her to use (going from an ext4 to hfs+ drive), but while going through everything, I somehow lost all of my pictures (20 or so years of pictures)... I’m rather disappointed in that.

I haven’t restored my data from my backups yet, so I don’t have a prepared playlist for today’s Dally Rhythms. I luckily had a flash drive with my house music on it, so I’ll be playing whatever feels right. You might catch some repeats from previous shows, because I don’t have my archive of playlists to compare tracks against...

I've somehow lost absolutely all data on my computer... One moment we were listening to music with mpd and the next literally everything is missing out of my mounted drives and I have no idea what happened. I have backups, but that is missing weeks of changes...

You can absolutely hear the parenting style of kids in the way they talk and many of these parents need a stern talking to.

I’m in a classroom next to the phone and a student is calling her parent asking if they can bring a change of pants for her because she has a hole in the pants. The parent is being difficult ☹️

The kids don’t cause as much of an issue for my job as the adults do...

Oh yeah! It’s a my birthday edition of Dally Rhythms. Tune in on

It is cold and rainy... I want warm and sunny.

Hey all you smart people on the fediverse, when I click on someone’s post and view it while logged into my instance, I do not see replies on that post. When I open that post with a direct link to their instance, there are replies from other people showing. What gives?

My assumption is that I don’t see those replies because I’m not federated to those people, but we have a common connection through the person’s post. I hope this makes sense.

Tracklist for last Saturday\'s Dally Rhythms has been posted. You can check it out here:

I hit a new record on the treadmill last Friday and did it again today. I’m happy enough with my gym progress. 😊

Busy busy busy day. Working hard to settle into the new house, so we took a break to watch High Life, which is a movie I’m really excited about. I’ll let you know if it’s good or not.

New DVS system in the new place! I felt like challenging myself and hooboy, did I! Loaded a track on the live deck 🤦🏿‍♂️

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