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Dear Windows,

Stop being shitty.

Yours truly,

Of course this quick fix required a restart which triggered Windows to update which is crawling at a 1% per 5 minute increment.

I’ve been introduced to and it’s pretty cool, it passive media consumption is your thing. As a friend put it, it’s a “really cool concept, basically what cable is and should be for the price cable ... should be.” They didn’t like the lack of popular content, but I’m okay with it.

I love all the tilde sites I find. I haven’t jumped in yet, but I think they are so awesome.

Generally speaking, BSD is a superior product to Linux, but the BSD license prevents the project from growing while the GNU license is why Linux is bigger than BSD. Discuss?

I'm so excited, two of my old co-workers are applying for a position at my current job! If either of them get it, we will tear shit up! (In a good, appropriate, productive manner)

is 100% contained! Now begins the a ton of hard work for the area. I’m really curious to see how our housing epidemic will be handled, if at all. Looks like I won’t be moving for some time.

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ok google. if youre so fuckin smart, why dont u fuck off

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If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how

Xonsh keeps catching my eye as an alternative to bash, but I have also started using some really cool bash scripts that I don’t want to rewrite in python (yet).

There’s an 8 year old on the missing persons list for the 😞

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Hey fediverse, my sister’s family has lost their home to the Campfire happening in Northern California. I have created a GoFundMe (and will be inadvertently doxxing myself) to help them get back on their feet. If you can, please consider donating to help them, or at least boost this toot.

So my sister finally received confirmation that her house burned down. At least she knows now...

Latest news that I have about the Camp Fire is it’s 20% contained and expected to be 100% contained by the 30th. It’s pushing down on Oroville and the air quality is insanely bad down there. Thankfully, we have clear skies today here in Chico, which I’m sure is nice for the evacuees we are hosting. I’m hoping those conditions don’t change (except the air clearing up in Oroville). Evacuation centers are full in the area and there are centers opening up as far as Sacramento.

Looks like the winds shifted and the fire is moving away from our town. Thank goodness for no middle of the night evacuation orders.

That was not an invitation to start a forest fire near me...

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