I sold my CDJs for exactly asking price. New turntable, here I come!

I just posted the tracklist for yesterday's Dally Rhythms. I'm going to try to post the link here moving forward for people who might not be subscribed to the aNONradio blog (though they should be, lol)


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- expensive
- sad

24/7 lofi hip-hop beats to study/relax to:
- free
- fun

@adamd, thanks for listening. There was some technical hiccup that messed up the beginning, but overall, I’m rather pleased with the mix.

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My rabbit, Walter, looking longingly at my cat, Bob, in hopes that they will become the best of friends soon

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the easter bunny is jesus's fursona

I think I have a great playlist prepared for Dally Rhythms this week. I'll be playing some awesome stuff that I've dug out of my collection. If you like deep, tech-house stuff, then tune into aNONradio.net on Saturday at 18:00 UTC.

Today I learned that a front trunk on a car (because the engine is in the rear or whatever is called a frunk and I think that’s a glorious word.

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I don't really want to do the work today.
I don't really want to do the work.


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The crazy fires and flooding due to climate change got me preparing for a disaster like it’s WWIII.

Smash Bros makes me feel old. There’s just way too much stuff happening on screen.

@miwilc @goat, deleting things is dangerous. Wouldn’t you want to back it up with “sudo mv /* /dev/null”?

@Ytrezar, it’s a kitty walking up some stairs doing a “can I eat that thing over there?” pose.

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Hello Community! As per our ongoing #Abuse audit started by @GinnyMcQueen a few weeks ago, we know have a pretty clear overview of the weaknesses of the software, and possible solutions to improve the situation:


We're going to start a an open poll this friday to have a clearer idea on each item priority and organize the development.

You have two remaining days to add your feedback to the thread in case we are missing anything :)

Thank you!

So I married Mjoll in Skyrim and Aerin moved in with her, so I guess we have a poly thing going.

@polychrome @pinkprius, I assume it’s applying the cleaning and tailoring costs to the worker.

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v0.9 brings full federation, remote follows, network timeline, APIs for 3rd party clients like Fedilab and much more!

It will be shipping after a few more commits!

github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/p #pixelfed

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