The older I get and the more I learn, the more I realize how little I actually know about anything and everything. 🤯

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“A developed country is not when the poor have cars. It is when the rich use public transportation.” Gustavo Petro, socialist candidate for Colombian presidency

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In a crushing blow to digital rights, Australia has joined the UK in claiming the right to secretly compel tech companies to re-engineer software and hardware so it can be used to spy on their users.

@redshoes, Welcome! This is a strong first impression, I think you’ll assimilate well enough. 🤓

Dear Linux friends,

Is there a way to interact with the system tray from the terminal? Maybe to list what programs are planted there?

I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of window managers. I should have stayed home with i3, but here I am considering if I want to spend time configuring bspwm, dwm, or wmutils.

I went in to change my paycheck direct deposit information at my work and they wouldn’t accept the form because it was handwritten. I had to print off the information from my bank’s website and when I went back to give them that printout, payroll had me write that information on one of their forms.....

I forgot how good old skool breaks was. You gotta check out Jaded Little Pill - Acdelerator

We’re back from the honeymoon with some new vinyl. This current breaks record is awesome.

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Please stop calling things AP...

Access Point
Associated Press

All of these things are relevant to my reality and I don't want this acronym to be shared by all three because it distracts me, so if the world can just obey me and...
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i just learned about the jerboa and i'm on the verge of tears look at these tiny mouse-bunnies

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Did one of those ‘paint your own ceramic’ things- went for abstract but it ended up with a nostalgic vibe.

When I’m dictator, all “Do Not Pass” signs will be turned to “You Shall Not Pass” signs.

I didn’t realize that “No Dogs” signs in a wildlife preserve was optional. -_-

I decided to stop following Federation Bot. There has been too many auto-boosts of porn and inflammatory stuff.

@tom, because why would you add one more to perfection?

Eureka is doing a great job making me consider moving here. There’s an event calendar full of fun things that interest me and the food and beer is delicious!

Heads up to admins and : is a Mastodon instance supporting untagged, un-CW’d hard porn pics. I’ve blocked them on my instance, because this is a Christian server.

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