Drinking a Fort Point Resonance with the missus. Quite a tasty beer, light with mild fruity flavors.

New DVS system in the new place! I felt like challenging myself and hooboy, did I! Loaded a track on the live deck 🤦🏿‍♂️

I’ve re-mapped my Launchpad in Traktor to create a minimal setup to mix on a camping trip. Tune into aNONradio on Saturday to experience a test run that will frustrate all the DJ purists. A special edition of Dally Rhythms that’s chock full of BPM auto-sync, keylocked goodness at 18:00

It was aight. I’m happy that I tried it, but won’t get it again.

Hey all, I’m a bit more prepared for this week’s Dally Rhythms! Tune into aNONradio tomorrow at 18:00 UTC for an hour of tech house!

Join me in less than 30 minutes for an hour of deep house!

Here's my setup after switching back to i3, this time with gaps! I use quite a few dmenu scripts that allow me to interact with the system.

I've spent a good chunk of the day patching dwm. I'm pretty happy coming from i3.

Alvarado Street Motor Oil No. 2
Imperial stout with white chocolate and raspberries.

The chocolate and fruit is noticeable but not overpowering. Quite delicious.

Founders CBS2017
Bourbon Maple Imperial Stout w/ Coffee & Chocolate

I asked @unimagine to make me a logo with my moniker and she came back with this. I really think it's awesome, but we're arguing over whether it's done or not. I love the potential for different color combos on different profiles and what not.

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