Here's the tracklist for today's Dally Rhythms:

Also, I'll probably start posting from @iiogama this week.

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Please do not confuse "freedom of speech" with "freedom to be heard."

Freedom to be heard is not a thing.

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So I'm going to be shutting down I'm not spending any time or energy towards promoting it locally. I'll be moving my personal account over to the SDF instance, so any of my follower's will be able to find me at @iiogama soon

I’m pretty excited for today’s Dally Rhythms. I think I have a pretty good playlist put together. See for yourself in 45 minutes on

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Tracklist for MTT 127, last weeks' show:

and at #aNONradio :

Bass, plus a few odds and ends. Tracks by Aux 88, Dynamix II, Eggfooyoung, and Plastikman. A soft start to bass month.

Apologies for the late tracklist.

Ableton’s Link is incredible with its ability to “just work”.

Ignore these messages. Letting a baby play with the phone.

👏🏿 Dark 👏🏿 mode 👏🏿 should 👏🏿 be 👏🏿 default 👏🏿

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otv might be playing some blade runner final cut as we speak... We host nothing just fyi...


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Haven’t seen a laptop stickers thread in a while Fedizens!

We’re just gonna layer the stickers up on the burner.

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Pls tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on -- coming up next after DJ hardmous!

01:00-02:00 UTC/6-7PM PDT

here's how to listen:


#techHouse #electroclash #electronicdancemusic #lasers #cats #live #undergroundradio

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