Oh yeah! It’s a my birthday edition of Dally Rhythms. Tune in on aNONradio.net

It is cold and rainy... I want warm and sunny.

Hey all you smart people on the fediverse, when I click on someone’s post and view it while logged into my instance, I do not see replies on that post. When I open that post with a direct link to their instance, there are replies from other people showing. What gives?

My assumption is that I don’t see those replies because I’m not federated to those people, but we have a common connection through the person’s post. I hope this makes sense.

Tracklist for last Saturday\'s Dally Rhythms has been posted. You can check it out here: anonradio.net/dally-rhythms-20

I hit a new record on the treadmill last Friday and did it again today. I’m happy enough with my gym progress. 😊

Busy busy busy day. Working hard to settle into the new house, so we took a break to watch High Life, which is a movie I’m really excited about. I’ll let you know if it’s good or not.

New DVS system in the new place! I felt like challenging myself and hooboy, did I! Loaded a track on the live deck 🤦🏿‍♂️

I had a good gym day today and I’m feeling quite proud and pumped.

The house is coming together after the move, but the DJ equipment is unpacked and set up. This means that Dally Rhythms will definitely be happening tomorrow! Let's just get that playlist put together....

The best or worst thing about Star Wars is the fan created films and media are always better than the legitimate products.

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So we got moved over the weekend and are completely pooped because of it. I’m so happy everything pulled together in the last minute, since it was looking like we were going to need to couch surf for a couple months. New place is much smaller, which helps towards our goals of a more minimalist lifestyle. If we end up in a tiny home, this will be a good first step.

Saving and investing in a washer/dryer or laundry mat visits every week?

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"Most people want to opt-in to what they want to follow, be that a news feed, a celebrity, a friend, or family. Most people do not want to be force-fed a constant stream of manipulated content to catch and keep their attention." #LibremOne


I don't plan on moving my digital services anytime soon, but if I was, I would consider supporting Librem.One. I want them to succeed sooooo much.


So I'm moving this weekend into a temporary living arrangement in order to wait out when the lease on a new place is available. The next two months is going to be an interesting time...

I don’t think people should be posting pictures and updates of their kids on social network sites, including the fediverse. They’re not old enough to consent to revoking their right to privacy.

I sold my CDJs for exactly asking price. New turntable, here I come!

I just posted the tracklist for yesterday's Dally Rhythms. I'm going to try to post the link here moving forward for people who might not be subscribed to the aNONradio blog (though they should be, lol)


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- expensive
- sad

24/7 lofi hip-hop beats to study/relax to:
- free
- fun

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