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my roommate just made me look up this hat and I need you to also see it

So Berryessa Brewery is a cool place. It’s kinda in the middle of nowhere with an amazing view of the western mountains from the Central Valley. It seemed like an oasis.

I have an awesome day planned with @unimagine today. We’re finding some awesome breweries/taphouses in Martinez, eating at an amazing Chinese restaurant in SF, and then seeing Sean Tyas spin at the Midway. I love Bay Area escape trips. 😎

There won't be a Dally Rhythms stream this Saturday, but I will be back next Saturday. I also plan on creating a backup streaming solution next month, so I won't have to miss shows.

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A shout of appreciation into the fediverse for the JOY!!! of our domain names. I’m on tootplanet.space??? Or sunbeam.city??? Or wandering.shop? Y’all are on places like jorts.horse? How beautiful are all of these! How open-world

So I picked up an iPad to replace my laptop as my main mobile device and I’m looking for iOS app recommendations. Does anyone have a favorite app that they would like to share with me? I prefer apps that save it’s data locally or with iCloud and don’t require me to create an account. My typical work usage consists of note taking, word processing, and music consumption/discovery/organization/production. Any type of coding will be done on a VPS.

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Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

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...Oh, I can't believe this.

DuckDuckGo uses Amazon cloud.

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One hour until Dally Rhythms on aNONradio.net! I think I have some cool progressive house for today’s show. 🤞🏿

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So I just found out 358 ppl attended the #SDF32 and #UNIX50 event last nite at the @livingcomputers Museum!! WOW BRAVO @SDF and @smj for all your hardwork!! ✨👏 and they had a great time accdg to smj!! Many notable people: mary ann horton, ken arnold, aps, clem cole, dan cross,
tywlo, wrmine and many others!


Did u know these famous peeps??

supersat won the B coding challenge on the PDP-7 CONGRATS!! 🥂✨

I deal with less traffic on the way to work than I do coming home, yet I get worse gas mileage. I set the cruise control both ways, so it’s kinda weird. Maybe the cooler air has something to do with it.

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Join the "Barefoot is legal". There are 3 main points:


Read the full essay explaining the purpose of the movement here:

Just posted the tracklist for today's Dally Rhythms. Thank you everyone who tuned in!


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