So I upgraded the server and swapped Riot/Matrix for on ChicoCA Chat. I think it’s a better project.

I’ve been notified that will be brought down for around an hour for maintenance on the server. Here are the dates and times for the scheduled maintenance:

2020-08-07 05:00:00 AM UTC -
2020-08-08 04:00:00 AM UTC - chicoca-main

I set up a radio for and you can find it at It's currently streaming one mix @iiogama recorded for, but eventually it will start streaming more and unique things.

I’ve updated the federation block list to include known porn, spam, and nazi instances.

I deleted and rebuilt the server, because I had accumulated a bunch of junk when I was trying to relay with other servers. Since there were only two accounts (this one and iiogama's), I figured I could do it without any impact to other ChicoCA users.

This does mean that the federated feed will be empty until people join the server and start following others.

I hope it's obvious that I won't be doing this in the future when there are other accounts.

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